Our Farm School

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  • Open House Saturday, May 18th!
  • Visit our outdoor and indoor classrooms
  • FREE pony and tractor rides
  • Pack  picnic lunch and join us

We are a country day-school. Schedule a tour with us and find out what makes us unique!

Our school will offer a farm-based curriculum for elementary students on our 19-acre animal farm, along with vegetable gardens and apple orchards.  Luina Greine Farm School is a child-centered educational wonderland where children will be free to question, explore, experience and discover all that nature has to offer them.  We hope to grow a diverse community of learners that share common beliefs and attitudes regarding sustainability, farm-to-table healthy living, lifelong learning, service to others, and humane treatment for all living things.

Daily on our farm, students will care for farm animals, do light farm chores, tend to our vegetable garden, explore apple orchards, the river down the road, and spend lots of time running, climbing and being a kid!  With an innovative approach to education we intend to break down the barriers of separate subject areas, allowing for children to enjoy an integrated curriculum where critical thinking, problem solving, creative expression, collaboration, all combined with powerful experiences, will allow for a much deeper appreciation and understanding of many various concepts introduced throughout the year.  Our teachers will guide and facilitate learning situations with the goal of children taking an active role in their own learning. The farm is our classroom where we expect children to work cooperatively, actively participate in ways that are comfortable, share their thoughts and opinions freely, and support each other always. The classroom should reflect the real world in which our children will live and learn their entire lives.

Our farm school will consist of children of mixed ages. There are many advantages to grouping children this way.  Students and teachers will be exposed to a wide range of experience, knowledge, skills and interests. Our teachers will use a wide variety of best practices and strategies which will include individual work, small group work, and whole group activities to better ensure that individual needs are always appreciated and met.  Additionally, curriculum planning and instruction are more intentional and purposeful. Older children become positive role models and mentors, all the while fine tuning their own skill and discovering new ones! Younger children learn from observing the older students’ higher order thinking skills, critical thinking and problem solving.  This approach lends itself easily to collaboration and increased leadership skills.

Our classroom will be a responsive one where teachers will seek to learn, observe and understand each child’s needs and use this information accordingly to plan instruction. Student observation also allows us teachers to create a developmentally appropriate learning environment.  The “One Size Fits All” way of educating children certainly will not fit here!

Our Farm School is ready for adventure and we hope you are too!
Warmest of Wishes,

Shelly Sullivan

M Ed Reading, M Ed Curriculum Development Special Needs